Attracting Nature To Your Garden Using Dead Wood

I don’t know about you, but winter is definitely approaching. After a long hot summer, the days have taken a turn for the worse and there was nothing I wanted more than to come home and hibernate under a blanket last night. But that does not mean you have to stop building a garden for nature. In fact autumn is a great time to make the most of the dead wood you might have lying around your garden, especially if you’ve been managing your trees.

This is a great activity as it can be done in any size garden and provides a home for a whole range of biodiversity including various insects, frogs and newts.

It also needs minimal materials. Simply take any old logs, branches or prunings you might have or your neighbours might not want from their gardens. Make sure you don’t take anything from woodlands however. If you get really stuck for materials you can always buy some from a tree surgeon.

The next step is even easier. Choose somewhere to place the wood. What you attract will depend on where you place the wood. For fungi and mosses its best to place your log pile in a damp, dark area, alternatively a warm, sunny area will create the ideal habitat for solitary bees and insects who like to chew wood for their nests.

There’s no artistic ability needed for how you position your dead wood. Nature really does not care if it’s organised, a chaotic mess, or looks like an art installation from the Tate Modern. One good tip however is to bury the bottom section underground as some insects prefer this.

So now you’ve built your wood pile I’m sure you want to know what you might see in it. For the majority of the time it will probably look like nothings happening as the species that live there will be using it to hide. Turning over the logs however may expose a whole different world of insects. You might also be lucky enough to attract wrens, mice, or newts into your garden using one of these.

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