Driven Grouse Petition Reaches Target Number Of Signatures

August 12th was a big day for those involved in driven grouse shooting. It marks the start of the shooting season. I can’t imagine August 12th 2016 went down quite how the grouse hunting community wanted it to however as it…
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Why You Should Care About The Glorious Twelfth

Yesterday we blogged about one of the most contentious UK wildlife issues; the badger cull. Today we’re going to blog about the other hugely contentious issue grouse hunting. For anyone thinking today was just another Friday you are sorely mistaken,…
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Californian Condors Celebrate Another Conservation Milestone

Last week we blogged on a familiar American sight making a comeback (the resurgence in Monarch butterfly populations); this week it gives us great pleasure to report on another great American species making a fightback against extinction. The Californian Condor…
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Record Number of Spoon-Billed Sandpipers Wintering in China

Conservationists working with the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (HKBWS) have found a record breaking number of spoon-billed sandpipers wintering in China. The Critically Endangered shorebird has a population of less than 400 adult birds so this is a huge boost for…
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Redefining Nature Reserves To Save Wildlife

The world is facing a very real biodiversity crisis, a fact that everybody is aware of. From politicians, to scientists, to the average person on the street it is hard to ignore the fact that many species are in rapid…
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