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Driven Grouse Petition Reaches Target Number Of Signatures

August 12th was a big day for those involved in driven grouse shooting. It marks the start of the shooting season. I can’t imagine August 12th 2016 went down quite how the grouse hunting community wanted it to however as it…
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Nature For Health: How good is nature for you?

Nature is awesome. If you’re on this blog you probably already think that anyway we don’t have to remind you. But natures impacts are far-reaching on our lives. Apart from those weird and magnificent species which it throws up, the…
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Felixstowe Community Nature Reserve Launches Dawn of Spring

You might remember we featured Felixstowe’s Community Nature Reserve on Inspire Wildlife a few months ago. This groundbreaking project sought to put the power of environmental protection back into the hands of communities rather than let it be consistently ignored…
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Beware The Dragon Finders

Scotland’s amphibian population, like many others is suffering from a host of threats. Habitat loss and degradation as well as disease spread and invasive species are causing a steady decline in amphibian populations across the region, however this decline may…
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Take A Selfie And Support Hedgehog Awareness Week!

The 1st of May might mark Mayday, morris dancing and maypoles but it also marks the start of hedgehog awareness week. Running until the 7th May and organised by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, this week aims to highlight the problems…
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WWF Petition To Save Belize’s Barrier Reef

It was recently revealed that half of World Heritage Sites are threatened by industrial activities. Despite being protected by UNESCO and the threat of the rebuttal of their listed status if conditions deteriorate too much many Governments are still pressing…
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Apple Teams Up With WWF To Fund Conservation

I commonly and begrudgingly write about people’s willingness to take part in conservation from their keyboard. We are a generation of keyboard activists sometimes to the detriment of grassroots conservation; it’s so easy to sign an online petition or tweet…
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