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Could Protecting Mammoths Save Elephant Populations?

Mammoths look likely to become the first long-extinct species to gain protection under wildlife and conservation trading laws later this month. The species which haven’t walked the Earth for some 4,000 years but could provide essential help in the battle…
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Saiga Antelope Bounce Back

2015 was a bad year for the critically endangered Saiga Antelope in Kazakhstan. Over 200,000 individuals were estimated to have died suddenly and unexpectedly, causing panic amongst conservationists. We now believe it was a bacterial infection which caused the catastrophic…
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World Land Trust Reintroduce The Tapir To Atlantic Forest

Stretching from the northeastern quarter down to the southern regions of Brazil and across northern Argentina and southestern Paraguay, the Atlantic Forest is a mere relic of its former glory. More than 85% of it has been cleared as population…
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