Hope Found For Tasmanian Devils

In 1996 the first case of devil facial tumor disease (DFTD) was spotted in the North-East of Tasmania. What followed was a relentless onslaught upon Tasmanian Devils as their population decreased as quickly as the disease spread. The worst was feared…
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Is There An End In Sight To Badger Culling?

David Cameron’s Conservative Government was never particularly green-minded and would often have environmentalists decrying his parties announcements. Probably the most controversial decision they took was the introduction of badger culling in 2013 to try to control outbreaks of bovine TB. Three…
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Saiga Antelope Bounce Back

2015 was a bad year for the critically endangered Saiga Antelope in Kazakhstan. Over 200,000 individuals were estimated to have died suddenly and unexpectedly, causing panic amongst conservationists. We now believe it was a bacterial infection which caused the catastrophic…
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Scientists Reveal Top 10 Most Popular Reptiles

A team comprising of zoologists, geographers and computer scientists have put together the definitive answer to what are the most popular reptile species in the world by using Big Data. This may not be a question you often wonder yourself…
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Sumatran Rhino Rediscovered In Kalimantan

It has long been thought that the Sumatran rhino had disappeared into extinction in Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan). Resembling a small woolly mammoth, the Sumatran Rhino is Critically Endangered with only a few hundred individuals left after the population crashed towards…
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