Guest Blog: How Environmentally Friendly Lighting Affects Wildlife

Artificial lighting’s impact on the environment is varied. Not only is it felt through light pollution that affects indigenous wildlife, but also through the carbon footprint produced by powering the light source. Victims of Artificial Lighting Artificial lighting’s effect on…
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Beware The Dragon Finders

Scotland’s amphibian population, like many others is suffering from a host of threats. Habitat loss and degradation as well as disease spread and invasive species are causing a steady decline in amphibian populations across the region, however this decline may…
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Apple Teams Up With WWF To Fund Conservation

I commonly and begrudgingly write about people’s willingness to take part in conservation from their keyboard. We are a generation of keyboard activists sometimes to the detriment of grassroots conservation; it’s so easy to sign an online petition or tweet…
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Can We Save Tigers From The Brink Of Extinction?

Tigers are a symbol of an ever-present extinction crisis. They have disappeared from 90% of their historical range and had a global population of just 2,200 in 2010. TheĀ figures are pretty dire reading however we have been hearing some really…
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