Is There An End In Sight To Badger Culling?

David Cameron’s Conservative Government was never particularly green-minded and would often have environmentalists decrying his parties announcements. Probably the most controversial decision they took was the introduction of badger culling in 2013 to try to control outbreaks of bovine TB. Three…
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Ambitious New Manatee Reintroduction Underway

I blog a lot about zoos and animals in captivity, and I’m often asked why the larger more charismatic animals that we all go to see are rarely introduced despite zoos often claiming their sole purpose is to put all…
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Guest Blog: How Environmentally Friendly Lighting Affects Wildlife

Artificial lighting’s impact on the environment is varied. Not only is it felt through light pollution that affects indigenous wildlife, but also through the carbon footprint produced by powering the light source. Victims of Artificial Lighting Artificial lighting’s effect on…
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Rare Sumatran Rhino Calf Born

The news for Sumatran Rhinos is rarely good. The Critically Endangered species is thought to number less than 100 individuals, giving its future survival prospects a pretty bleak outlook. In April 2015 it was declared that they were extinct in…
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