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Driven Grouse Petition Reaches Target Number Of Signatures

August 12th was a big day for those involved in driven grouse shooting. It marks the start of the shooting season. I can’t imagine August 12th 2016 went down quite how the grouse hunting community wanted it to however as it…
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Why You Should Care About The Glorious Twelfth

Yesterday we blogged about one of the most contentious UK wildlife issues; the badger cull. Today we’re going to blog about the other hugely contentious issue grouse hunting. For anyone thinking today was just another Friday you are sorely mistaken,…
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Is There An End In Sight To Badger Culling?

David Cameron’s Conservative Government was never particularly green-minded and would often have environmentalists decrying his parties announcements. Probably the most controversial decision they took was the introduction of badger culling in 2013 to try to control outbreaks of bovine TB. Three…
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Ambitious New Manatee Reintroduction Underway

I blog a lot about zoos and animals in captivity, and I’m often asked why the larger more charismatic animals that we all go to see are rarely introduced despite zoos often claiming their sole purpose is to put all…
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Nature For Health: How good is nature for you?

Nature is awesome. If you’re on this blog you probably already think that anyway we don’t have to remind you. But natures impacts are far-reaching on our lives. Apart from those weird and magnificent species which it throws up, the…
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