Rare Turkey Capture On Film In World First

It being Boxing Day dinner time, most of you are probably picking at leftover turkey scraps. Last Christmas the UK consumed roughly 10 million of the birds, so the thought of a turkey being rare is slightly surreal at this time of year.

The waigeo brush-turkey is however no ordinary turkey. Scientists have been aware of the species for over 80 years from a few taxidermy specimens yet it was only in 2007 the bird was first photographed. Found in only a small area of Waigeo, it is thought there are only 980 mature individuals. Due to its low population density and the inaccessible nature of it’s prime habitat, little is known about the species however Flora and Fauna International have captured the first ever footage of the bird.

Waigeo, the largest of the four main islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago, Indonesia. Image from Google Maps.

Recent camera trap surveys to map and monitor the wildlife in Waigeo captured the one of a kind footage. “This is a great example of scientific and local knowledge combining to uncover the biological riches of Indonesia,” said Maurits Kafiar, Fauna and Flora International’s local partner.







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