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Could Protecting Mammoths Save Elephant Populations?

Mammoths look likely to become the first long-extinct species to gain protection under wildlife and conservation trading laws later this month. The species which haven’t walked the Earth for some 4,000 years but could provide essential help in the battle…
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Rare Sumatran Rhino Calf Born

The news for Sumatran Rhinos is rarely good. The Critically Endangered species is thought to number less than 100 individuals, giving its future survival prospects a pretty bleak outlook. In April 2015 it was declared that they were extinct in…
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Kenya Stages Largest Ivory Burn Ever – But Will It Work?

As elephants and rhinos find themselves further embedded as the innocent victims of a phenomenal poaching crisis, Kenya has stepped forward to give out a strong message to anyone involved in the ivory trade (illegal or legal). Over 100 tonnes…
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Sumatran Rhino Rediscovered In Kalimantan

It has long been thought that the Sumatran rhino had disappeared into extinction in Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan). Resembling a small woolly mammoth, the Sumatran Rhino is Critically Endangered with only a few hundred individuals left after the population crashed towards…
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There Are More Wild Orangutans Than Previously Thought!

Finally some good news for orangutans! In recent years the enigmatic, tree dwelling species has quite literally become the poster child for rainforest destruction due to unsustainable palm oil production. We generally see them dominating our news with their relatively…
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National Wildlife Crime Unit Saved

Much to the  relief of nature lovers throughout the UK the National Wildlife Crime Unit has been given a reprieve and will receive  funding for the next four years. The unit had been facing closure due to budget cuts and…
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